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Trusted Logistics Services Provider for Global Shipping
Since 2007, CHANGE has established itself as a reliable and trusted logistics company specializing in sourcing, inspection, and shipping services. Our customer-focused approach sets us apart in the industry, ensuring your satisfaction and success in global trade.

Our Operations in Yiwu and Guangzhou
Yiwu: Unleash the Potential of the World's Largest Wholesale Market
Yiwu is home to FUTIAN, the largest wholesale market globally, offering a unique advantage of mixing goods in a single shipment. Our presence in Yiwu allows us to access a wide range of products and provide flexible shipping options to wholesalers dealing in diverse merchandise.

Guangzhou: Thriving in the Heart of Commerce
As the third-largest city in China, Guangzhou is a thriving commercial hub known for its prestigious Canton Fair. Our office in Guangzhou gives us a strategic advantage in connecting you with reliable suppliers and ensuring efficient logistics for your business needs.

Our Competitive Edge
Tailored Solutions for Your Global Shipping Needs
At CHANGE, we take pride in offering comprehensive services that cater to your requirements, regardless of your location worldwide. Our logistics, sourcing, inspection, and shipping solutions are designed to streamline your operations and facilitate seamless international trade.

Experience Convenience and Reliability
With over a decade of industry experience, CHANGE has built a strong network of suppliers and strategic partnerships, ensuring competitive pricing, efficient delivery, and reliable services. Trust us to be your dedicated logistics partner and experience the convenience and reliability that CHANGE brings to your global shipping journey. Contact us today to explore our services and embark on a successful business partnership.





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